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Town Overview:

Millburn Short Hills NJ is a suburban town with great schools, parks and recreation opportunities, shopping, a true sense of community, easy commute to NYC and a wide spectrum of types and prices of neighborhood homes. The town is a welcoming, diverse community of approximately 20,000 residents. The majority of residents live in single family homes. Millburn Township was incorporated in 1857 from a portion of Springfield Township and takes its name from an early mill built on the Rahway River. Short Hills is an unincorporated community within Millburn Township with its own post office, train station and cluster of stores. Millburn is comprised of the historic Wyoming district, the South Mountain section and Millburn center areas. Short Hills is comprised of Knollwood, Glenwood, Brookhaven, Country Club, Merrywood, Deerfield-Crossroads, Mountaintop, White Oak Ridge and Old Short Hills Estates. Read More…

The following is an introduction to Millburn via Intro to Millburn Short Hills NJ via YouTube.

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